Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Oct. 15, 2007

Not only is the DS set to receive its very first Mortal Kombat, it's got so many features - it makes us want to travel back in time to some Mortal Monday past and decapitate the brazen publisher who dared to call theirpiddly version "Ultimate." Psshaw!

For those not in the know, this was the last great Kombat game before the one-on-one, oatmeal-blooded brawler went from pixels to polygons. Sure, that means the DS version is more or less a decade old port, but it gleefully recreatesall that most held dear fromUltimate Mortal Kombat 3, without the notorious glitches. Plus,its got a host of othercaboodle we could onlydream aboutten years ago.

A faithful recreation definitely, but the DS has a few more moves up its sleeve that'll make every portable version that came before it look like total four-armed, mutant shit. An admittedly easy feat, but in addition to transporting all the brutality and gore that you know and love, we've goteven more reason toonce again shout the game's title intothe reddened sky ofthe forthcoming apocalypse. Online play at last, thank Raiden almighty, online playat last! Either through ad-hoc, or through a Wi-Fi internet connection, the disembowelment finally goes wireless.