Ultimate Mortal Kombat

Wait - there's more.They've also seen fit to throw in cart sharing as well, although you'llneed your own copy if you want to fightwithall20+unlockable psychopaths,in allfifteen arenas. Iteven does theclassic one betterwith the help of theupper screen -showing all of your characters moves, all the time. Every move, Fatility, Animality, Babality, etc. Finally, no more pause menus, no more memorization, and best of all, no need to tape that horrid dot-matrix scrawl to your televisionthat you printed offProdigy. (Ask your grandparents.)

As an added bonus, they've seen fit to throw ina full version of the blocky brawler found in Mortal Kombat Deception, Puzzle Kombat. It uses MK's familiar tier advancement system while copying the best bits of Capcom's Puzzle Fighter, only with infinitely more violence. And hey, it's all online too. It all looks to be a a rewardingtreat for long time fans, as well as a great incentive for newbies to see what had parents in conniptions before the series went 3-D. Get over here... ya big lug.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat is set to pummel your DS this Winter and we'll have more on it very soon. So keep it here.