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You cannot un-see Thor 3's Jeff Goldblum sensuously rolling his eyes as he says: "I'm having a Ragnarok"

You may already know what the word 'Ragnarok' means, but it might be a new word to friends and family. So how do you explain to them the new MCU film, Thor: Ragnarok? Well, you could be honest and say it's the name of the Norse version of the apocalypse - but that's too boring. Why not use one of several excellent fan interpretations, as read aloud by the cast and crew of the movie?

The #WhatsRagnarok hashtag asked fans to give their own definitions of the word, and they did not disappoint. Director Taika Waititi, along with stars Mark Ruffalo and Jeff Goldblum get in on the fun by reading the answers aloud, and each one brings their distinct personality to the table.

For example, Ruffalo is the lovable neighbor who just thinks everyone is so nice and funny and awww, what a nice guy.

While Taika Waititi is a bit more sarcastic and pointed, like when he tells a hypothetical dog to run away from home. But you can tell it's all in good fun and he's just making a joke.

But the real treasure here is Jeff Goldblum, who reads every answer as if it was pure poetry, often getting sidetracked to explain every little piece of the sentence. Here he is explaining how Asgard is "the planet from whence the Odins come"...

Here he takes 30 seconds to even get to the answer, first telling the camera that the '86' in a Twitter user's handle can mean 'no'. "Eighty-six usually means, 'Hey, do you have the french fries?' 'No, 86 on the french fries, we don't have them.'"

Get you a man who can describe your eyes the way Jeff Goldblum describes Cate Blanchett's:

In fact, plenty of his readings go well over the 1-minute mark. Here he goes off on a tangent about the Muppets, Jim Henson, and counting his son's sneezes:

It's like Uncle Goldblum came over for early Christmas and we're just sitting in a circle in front of the fireplace, listening to him tell stories and teaching him about what 'lmao' means.

But the absolute best, by far, has to be his reading of the person who said that Ragnarok is "What’ll happen to the fangirls getting to see Loki onscreen again for the first time since The Dark World." As the headline says, you will not be able to un-see Jeff Goldblum's face.

Someone give the Thor: Ragnarok casting director a raise.

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