Winslet and Diaz on Holiday

The English rose and the Californian cutie are teaming up for Holiday, the new rom-com from Something’s Gotta Give writer/director Nancy Myers.

Scheduling conflicts looked to have scuppered Kate Winslet’s involvement, but filming will go ahead in early 2006. The film follows Cameron Diaz’s character, who has terrible luck with men until she meets an English woman (Winslet) while she’s on holiday and finds her hoodoo lifted.

Our Kate is certainly putting the hours in. Mrs Mendes is currently working on Todd Field's crime drama, Little Children, where she plays one of a group of parents whose lives cross through their kids’ activities with disturbing consequences. Winslet will also lend her voice to DreamWorks animated comedy, Flushed Away, about a privileged rat who ends up on the wrong side of the sewer.