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Which James Bond 007 villain are you? Take our quiz now

The wait for James Bond 007 Spectre is almost over. Daniel Craig's latest take on Bond is due on October 26, and buzz around the film is rather positive. Chrisoph Waltz plays the villain, Franz Oberhauser, who seems like a real throwback to the Bond baddies of old - a proper evil schemer with mysterious motives and a spider-web of henchmen to call upon. So, naturally, it's time to dig back into the series and look at the best baddos from previous films... except I thought it'd be more fun to quiz you all on which Bond villain you're most likely to be, rather than listing them all out. You know them all anyway, right? So, check out the quiz below, and start your plans for world domination / luring Daniel Craig into your secret lair. Ahem.

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