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Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Inception prequel online; Supergirl returns; Disney plans Gargoyles ; Despicable sequel

Inception On-Line Prequel Comic
As an appetiser to the main course, why not check out this Inception prequel comic ?

Disney Plans Gargoyles Pic
But it sadly has nothing to do with the much-loved (well, by certain people in the SFX office) Gargoyles TV cartoon series of the ’90s. According to Variety , Disney with in final negotiations with writer Zoe Green to pen a screenplay based on an original idea she’s developed with the studio, with the X-Men franchise’s Lauren Shuler Donner to produce. Green has previously written episodes of the Wolverine And The X-Men animated series, and has also adapted Neil Stephenson’s book The Diamond Age for SyFy (which reminds us… what has happened with the project?).

After Tron… Archangel
So, how does director Joe Kosinski plan to follow up Tron Legacy ? With a Sci-Fi thriller called Archangel , according to Heat Vision . The project, to be produced by Ridley and Tony Scott along with Kosinski, is a futuristic Bourne-style action flick about a team that tracks down aliens that have made it past Earth's defenses. The spec script comes from Andrew Will and is being developed by New Regency.

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Supergirl Back In Smallville
Looks like V ’s Laura Vandervoort will be returning as Supergirl in Smallville ’s final season, according to Aces Showbiz .

Despicable Me Too
After CG movie Despicable Me performed nearly twice as well as expected on its opening weekend in the US, Universal has already set the gears in motion for the sequel, according to Deadline New York . Not much of a surprise when the first film cost a mere $69 million to make (that’s chickenfeed for Hollywood these days) and has already raked in $60 million in its first few days.