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Watch stunning new Battlefield 5 Grand Operations gameplay on the new Norway map

Grand Operations is the huge, thrilling new mode in Battlefield 5, and we've had chance to play it at the EA Play event at E3 2018. Set over the course of four in-game days, the new mode tasks you with either attacking or defending a huge, multi-objective battle. The first phase, as you see here, is where attackers parachute from a plane, at night, to try and blow up some artillery placements. You can choose to drop from the plane at any point, but the longer you stay in, the more you're at risk of being shot down by AA fire.

Phase two of the operation sees you fighting for control of key objectives on the same map, only this time it's during the day. Here you'll be taking full advantage of vehicles and the new base-building mechanics, as you fight a war of attrition to win the round. In the final game, the resources available to both attackers and defenders will vary according to who 'won' the first round, so each phase of the Grand Operation has a knock-on effect for the next.

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The version we played only had two phases, but here's a recap of what will happen in the third and final ones. In the third phase, the fighting shifts to a different map, set in the same area. The objectives will be different again here, and it's very possible for one team to completely dominate the game and win the Grand Operation there and then. However, if there's no decisive victor...

Phase 4 will take teams into a sudden death scenario, where you have one life and very limited ammo. Sure, you'll still be able to revive squad mates, and heal wounds, but once you're dead, there are no respawns. The winner will be the last team standing and... oh my, it's going to be tense. It's worth noting that EA has also confirmed an actual Battle Royale mode in BF5 too, if you were thinking this sounded very familiar.

If you missed the official multiplayer reveal trailer, you can find it below. Battlefield 5 is releasing on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 19.

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