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Watch Black Ops 3: Zombies Chronicles' first gameplay trailer and admire that high-res rotten flesh

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3's Zombies Chronicles DLC finally has its first proper gameplay trailer. And yeah, we knew the zombies were going to look nice in their visually remastered form, all rotten and lurching with Black Ops 3 fidelity. But do they look $30-for-DLC nice? Watch the trailer and judge for yourself.

Hmm. I mean, that is a pretty nice lurch they have going on there.

Zombies Chronicles will bring eight updated Zombies maps from across Black Ops history to PS4 on May 16. While you're waiting, why not try some contenders from our list of the best zombie games you can play right now and watch the best zombie movies of all time?

Connor Sheridan
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