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Venom #200 to follow King in Black, "The beginning of something you've never seen"

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Following the upcoming King in Black limited series and crossover event, which kicks off in December, Marvel Comics' ongoing Venom series will reach issue #200, which will feature revived legacy numbering marking the story as Venom's 200th solo comic book across multiple volumes and titles.

Venom writer Donny Cates revealed the plans for Venom #200 in New York Comic Con's MetaVerse King In Black online panel, alongside editor Devin Lewis and artist Ryan Stegman.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"King in Black #5 comes out, and it's earth-shattering and insane. It's oversized. It's filled with things I've been imagining in my head since I was a little kid," Cates states. "Then right after that, Ryan and I are doing Venom #200, Venom's 200th issue."

"What's weird is, I'm actually at my parents' house right now in my home town, and I'm filming this from my childhood bedroom," he continues. "I'm sitting under a wall, and when I was a kid growing up, this entire wall was filled with Venom issues in bags and boards, thumbtacked."

King in Black brings Knull, the dark god of the symbiotes, to Earth for a confrontation Cates has been sowing seeds for since the launch of his Venom series, and even in other titles such as Silver Surfer: Black.

"It's so weird to be doing this in this room and saying this, I'm so incredibly honored – I know Ryan and Devin are as well -  to be the people bringing you Venom's 200th issue," Cates says. "It's gonna be a really special issue, and it's gonna be the beginning of something new."

"It's gonna be the beginning of something you've never seen from Eddie, or from the dynamic of him and his family and his symbiote. It's a really special issue that will hopefully set the stage for the next 200 to 2,000 to 2,000,000 issues of this amazing character going forward."

No projected release date for Venom #200 was announced.

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