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Untitled Goose Game gets a free dynamic theme on PS4 and holy honk it's glorious

(Image credit: Panic Inc)

Untitled Goose Game is being let loose on the PS4 today, and you can snag yourself a free dynamic theme of the majestic bird on the PSN store. The theme is already available in Australia, and executive producer Cable Sasser confirmed the rollout schedule for other regions on Twitter. You can see the release times below: 

  • Europe: December 17 at 12:00 GMT
  • US: December 17 at 7:00 EST
  • Japan: December 18 at 00:00 JST

The dynamic theme features a pond background, and as you move up the homepage you'll see a mighty mound of trinkets the unruly goose has collected. The piece de resistance, though, is the mischievous honk machine itself proudly standing on top of its spoils. Every now and then when you pan up to the goose, the white and orange winged fiend might just be holding something in its beak - like some keys or a fork. 

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Oh, and if you keep checking for long enough, the goose might even get off of its swag pile and walk across the screen. The theme also features ambient sounds of birds chirping to give it that final Untitled Goose Game feel. There's nothing quite like showing your appreciation for the horrible goose in such a delightful way, and it's a fantastic dynamic theme to snap up for free. 

News that Untitled Goose Game would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One was announced just last week, where it was also revealed that the Goose will also be set loose on Xbox Game Pass. An extra neat little feature on the PS4 port makes your DualShock controller's light bar glow orange whenever you honk, and you better believe you're in for a honking good time with this goose. 

If you're about to take on the role of the horrible goose, our Untitled Goose Game walkthrough is here to help.

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