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Ubisoft's E3 lineup detailed with web-streaming locations

Ubisoft has released details on the games it'll be showing at its E3 presentation this year. With 2011 marking the company's 25th anniversary (which of course you knew, as it's marked on all major calendars) the company touts the presentation as one of its biggest yet. Updates to popular series include the third Call of Juarez, two-point-third Assassin's Creedand Rayman Origins – the latter of which, presumably, will feature the scene young fans have dreaded for years in which the loveable hero's missing limbs are at last explained.

Above: This concept art for From Dust gives away so much it's a wonder they even feel the need to give a presentation

Other features of the presentation include the new Driver, sandbox God-sim From Dust, details of Ubi's plans to expand their online-gaming presence and a host of casual-themed titles such as MotionSports Adrenaline and Just Dance. The presentation will be streaming at Ubisoft's Uplay siteand on the company's YouTube channelfrom 2:30pm PST on June 6. Will you be tuning in?

May 26, 2011

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