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Twitch's Pokemon marathon isn't messing around, with 16 movies and 932 episodes of the TV show

Twitch is about to launch its biggest marathon yet, and it's using the power of Pokemon to make it happen. The streaming platform will show 16 Pokemon movies and 19 seasons of the Pokemon animated series starting on August 27, 2018 and continuing into 2019. That's 932 episodes, or around 20 days of solid viewing just from the TV show alone. 

As an added incentive Twitch has created a special interactive overlay so viewers can collect virtual Pokemon badges. 

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Of course Twitch has a special relationship with the Pokemon brand after Twitch Plays Pokemon back in 2014, wherein Twitch viewers joined forces to play through games like Pokemon Red using commands in chat. 

"The Twitch community has a passion for Pokemon based on the warm embrace the series

received when we celebrated the brand’s 20th anniversary, as well as the cultural milestone that was set when over a hundred thousand Twitch members played Pokemon together," says Twitch's Jane Weedon. 

"To continue to support this beloved property, our upcoming Pokemon: The Series viewing event -which is in partnership with The Pokemon Company International -marks our most ambitious block of animated programming to date in terms of duration and content."

This marathon is just the latest in a long line for Twitch, and one of the more obvious for the platform. In the past viewers have meme'd their way through Bob Ross, Doctor Who, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and even a Julia Child Marathon to celebrate the launch of the Twitch Food Channel. 

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