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TRON-ified Street Fighter art melts the mind

Although the reviews for the latest film are mixed, and thecoinciding gameis pretty terrible, there’s one thing you can never take away from TRON: The look is fantastic.

Above: BlankaTRON

And since damn near everything goes better with a glowing neon racing stripe, let’s all give deviantartist, BossLogica great big geeky hug for infusing our favorite World Warriors with a heaving dollop of luminescent TRONyness! Check 'em out:

Above: Chun TRON

Above: M. BiTRON

Above Ken TRON

Above: Evil RyuTRON

Click hereto see the rest ofBossLogic's amazingSF vs. TRON mock ups, which include Cammy, Vega, Juri, and more.Odds are they’ll stroke some of your nostalgia boners much more soothingly than anything Disney’s produced officially.

Jan 4, 2010