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The Tree of Life gets pushed back again

The incessent distribution issues with Terrence Malick's latest film show no sign of halting, as legal issues prevent a 4 May UK release. Will it never end?

Just two days ago we were clambering onto our desks, performing a celebratory dance to the news that Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life was getting an early Blighty release - a week before its Cannes appearance.

Now it appears our beliefs were misguided, as Icon Film Distribution Ltd. have been informed they lack the rights for a pre-Cannes release.

Although this promises to rile up further frustration amongst Mallick fans, deep down we know it's probably a good thing; this film carries the amount of heft that only a Croisette unveiling could do justice to.

Plus, it can now still run for the Palme d'Or. Which is never a bad thing.