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Toys 'R' Us leaks Mortal Kombat DLC date

Smarting (or gloating) at the lack of 360-exclusive characters in Netherrealm's Mortal Kombat reboot? Itching to get to playing the previously glitch-only "Woman in Red,"recently unveiledas newly-canonical roster addition Scarlet? Well, thanks to a leak buried within the latest flier for Toys 'R' Us, you can now rest easy in the knowledge that you won't have to wait long.

Above: The smoking gun. And beside it, some info about Mortal Kombat DLC

Heads will surely roll overthe flier, which turned mailboxes and newspapers across America into unwitting delivery agents for the industry secret that Wednesday, May 4 was the date that the first MK DLC would go live. Because this is such closely-guarded insider info that its premature revelation will turn gaming as we know it on its head? Don't be daft, you'd have known it within a day or two anyway. But if there's any franchise that'd indulge in capital punishment for a bit of publicity, surely it's Mortal Kombat. We don't want you to call us prophets or industry soothsayers for this prediction. We only hope you'll call us one thing: wrong.

Above: MK semi-newcomer Scarlet in one of her only SFW appearances to date (because, hey, the Internet)

May 2, 2011