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Rocket League glitch lets you escape the arena to a Mad Max-like wasteland

Rocket League has the whole combat-car thing covered in its fuel-injected football matches, but you seldom get to see what lies outside those roaring arenas. You’re not supposed to - no more than FIFA 16 would like you to circle the stadium looking for parking - but that’s why glitches are interesting. They can take you far out of the developer’s bounds.

In the case of Rocket League’s ‘Wasteland’ arena, which was added to the game as a free download in December, there’s a whole arid, post-apocalyptic world out there, just yearning for eccentric battle vehicles and a cartoonish spin on Mad Max. To get there, just replicate the flip you see in Anthony Graham’s video above, phase through the floor and fly away, upside down - basically, the same way you leave awkward parties unseen.

And sure, there already is an ambitious Mad Max game out there, but A) it doesn’t require this level of aerial finesse, B) it’s a vector for bad news about Half-Life 3 and C) it’s no Rocket League.

Ludwig Kietzmann
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