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There's a new Punisher trailer, and the show's Twitter account is getting into (scary) character

Netflix's The Punisher series has been a long time coming, and fans are excited to see Frank Castle in a solo outing. Just don't tell The Punisher himself, or you might end up in his crosshairs on Twitter. But more on that in just a bit. First, if you already counted yourself among those excited for the show, you'll feel even more hype thanks to a new trailer. And if you weren't pumped before, see how this blend of gunplay and Metallica suits you:

It's a finely put together piece of marketing, for sure. And if that didn't pique your interest, I'm not sure anything will. That said, the real fun is going down on Twitter, where the official Punisher account is getting into character. Like, way more into character than most #brands would dare. The account is roasting, trash-talking, and borderline threatening fans (but like, in a fun way) and it's pretty entertaining to watch:

Most of the tweets seem to be in response to fans asking for the release date which is still officially a secret - though an episode director offhandedly mentioned back in June that the show would premiere in November. But maybe don't ask a man with a giant skull painted onto his chest to reveal his secrets. He will not be nice.

If you need a reminder of why fans love Jon Bernthal's portrayal of this anti-hero, go back and watch Daredevil season 2. Or... at least the first half of it, before it becomes all about ninjas. Castle's quest for vengeance is a deeply personal one, and though comic book fans have heard the story a hundred times by now, Bernthal puts some real weight behind his performance. Plus, nobody in the Marvel Netflix universe handles a weapon quite as well as the Punisher.

Hopefully his next adventure will be just as enjoyable when it debuts.

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