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The SFX Completely Made-Up Awards 2009

Only a few days of 2009 to go, so let's have a look back at some of the highlights, the lowlights and the oddities of the past 12 months. Below are SFX's Completely Made-Up Awards, and you can also use the following links to click through and see some of the SFX crews' personal picks of the year. Enjoy.

SFX editor David Bradley's choices of 2009
SFX news editor Richard Edwards's choices of 2009
SFX feature editor Nick Setchfield's choices of 2009
SFX online editor Dave Golder's choices of 2009
SFX production editor Russell Lewin's choices of 2009
SFX staff writer Jordan Farley's choices of 2009

Best Cool Thing That Blows Stuff Up:
The human exo-skeleton walkers from Avatar

Most Baffling Addition Of A Chase Scene To A Classic Story:
Disney's A Christmas Carol - remind me again where Dickens suggests that Scrooge shrinks to the size of a rat and runs through the streets pursued by a hearse!?

Most Creative Threat:
"Call me a chav again, and I'll kick you in the **** so hard your kids will feel it" - Misfits

Bromance Of The Year:
Arthur and Merlin.

Most Heinous Use Of Celtic-style Fantasy Epic Pipe Music:
The end of Battlestar Galactica

Most Unexpected "Punch The Air" Moment
An upgraded Chuck taking down all the Fulcrum agents on his own. "I know kung-fu!"

Most gruesome death:
Most episodes of Fringe (particularly David Robert Jones)

Best Gift to Headline Writers 2009
Avatar, for inspiring 1,000 "Blue Movie" gags

Best dance moves:
Steven, Torchwood

The new Harrison Ford:
Chris Pine (Star Trek) – he’s even going to play Jack Ryan

What the hell were you thinking?
Christopher Eccleston, GI Joe

Most ingenious way to save a movie:
Completing The Imaginarium Of Dr Parnassus after Heath Ledger’s death using other actors to play him

The future is orange:

Most inexplicable character exit:
Starbuck, BSG

If only the film had stopped halfway through..

We wish it was a little bit more sci-fi so we could have covered it...

Best supporting actor:
Richard Nixon's nose, Watchmen

Most surprising comeback:
Jimmy Krankie in Ghost Whisperer

Best use of a single expression:
Elizabeth Mitchell in Lost and V

Thank God they didn't film that in 3D:
Timothy Dalton's spittle in "The End Of Time, Part One"

Best musical montage acting:
The Vampire Diaries, every week, just before the episode ends

Worst CG stunt doubles:
Blood The Last Vampire (you half expect to see Morph in the credits)

Stupidest quote of the year:
Tamzin Outhwaite on Paradox: "Initially I thought it was a sci-fi project. Then I read the script and realised it wasn't. It's about police officers trying to work out whether there is a worm hole between two time zones."

Character you wish was in a better show:
Doctor Nicholas Rush (Robert Carlyle) a Zachary Smith for the new millennium, stuck in a show that was definitely for the last millennium

Most unexpected image of the year:
Alllison Dubois in Medium, waking up as Elvira…

About bloody time award 2009
Christopher Lee getting a knighthood