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Discover The SFX Book Of The Walking Dead!

Your complete 180-page guide to the hit TV show plus the entire zombie phenomenon, from the makers of SFX magazine

In this time of economic uncertainty, the question on everyone’s minds seems to be: “How will I survive the zombie apocalypse?” It’s a valid question, and you probably won’t care about your mortgage arrears when zombies are climbing up the side of your house. The insurance probably won’t cover it either.

So, we’ve put together The SFX Book Of The Walking Dead in an attempt to not only give you a complete guide to the TV show, but also to help prepare you for that fateful day when zombies try to eat your children. It'll be on sale from this weekend and on shelves throughout the run of the TV show this year.

Get your copy now! Buy your iPad version via Apple Newsstand . It's made with help from our fine friends at UK broadcaster FX and here’s just some of what you can find inside:

The Walking Dead Character Profiles

Because we can’t wait to see The Walking Dead back on our screens, we’ve got features with photographs, back stories and character traits of the show’s 12 main protagonists (including newbies Michonne and The Governor).

Zombie Timeline

For your amusement: a blood-splattered guide to the entire history of the zombie: from the first time the word zombie was uttered in the English language right up to The Walking Dead .

The Walking Dead Season 3 Preview

We speak to co-producers Glen Mazzara, Gale Anne Hurd and Greg Nicotero about what lies ahead in the third season of the smash hit show.

Zombies In Videogames

Starting from the very first zombie video game in 1984, we look at the bloodstained evolution of the genre, how it’s changing and what the best way to kill a zombie is. We also have interviews with the creators of The Walking Dead game.

Survival Tips

We speak to stars of TV, movies and books to ask them how they’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse! And once you’ve got tips from those guys, and loaded up with information from The SFX Book Of The Walking Dead , then why not take our survival quiz and see how likely you are to live longer than one day if zombies take over the world?


The Walking Dead cars and board games, comic origins, merchandise, behind-the-scenes, zombie tattoos and artwork, episode guides and more.

The Walking Dead is broadcast on FOX .

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