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The Marvels - "the most ambitious series to hit the Marvel Universe" - still in the works

(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

Writer Kurt Busiek's upcoming The Marvels ongoing series was announced with some aplomb back in February, and although there have been some delays, Newsarama has confirmed the series is still in Marvel's plans and have gotten a progress report from Busiek himself.

"That one's been delayed a little, as Marvel wants to get everything back on firmer footing before launching a brand-new and fairly ambitious series," Busiek tells Newsarama of his series with artist Yildiray Cinar. "It's a big, sprawling book with connections all throughout Marvel history, so it's fun to do and a lot of work, and we really want to have it launch the best it can."

The Marvels was pronounced "the most ambitious series to hit the Marvel Universe" when it was first teased by Marvel Comics back in February. Later announced for a May 2020 debut, the series was put on hold due to the distribution shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is a preview of the first issue:

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(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

The Marvels #1 preview

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(Image credit: Yildiray Cinar (Marvel Comics))
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(Image credit: Yildiray Cinar (Marvel Comics))

Marvel's December 2020 solicitations are due out later this month, but Busiek couldn't confirm if the series will be included - but says the revised debut date has been finalized.

"I know what the current plan is for that, but I'll let Marvel announce those when they're ready," he continues.

(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

The Marvels is part of a planned year-long 25th-anniversary celebration of the 1994 series Marvels. In the past 12 months, Marvel has released Marvels Annotated, Marvels Epilogue, a poster book, a postcard book, a dramatic podcast, and even a crossover with Earth X titled Marvels X. The first issue of an anthology titled Marvel was released in March, and the series is set to return with a second issue on November 4.

"There's a lot more coming there," Busiek says. "Alex has brought in an amazing slate of talent on that, and it's going to be a real treat."

Busiek's line of special one-shots, titled Marvels Snapshots, continues with the X-Men (on sale September 16), Spider-Man (on sale October 7), Avengers (on sale November 18), to be followed by Civil War and Captain Marvel.

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