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The Han Solo movie has had concept art leaked on eBay – see Han Solo’s outfit and brand-new ships here

Concept art shows up in the weirdest places. Often it’s an artist long-departed from the project showing off their portfolio but, this time, concept art for the Han Solo movie has shown up on eBay, of all places. The sketches show off the first look at Han Solo’s costume as well as more ships than you can shake a Death Star at.

Disney probably weren’t happy with an artist going rogue and putting up material for the Han Solo standalone so it’s already been taken down. Thankfully, StarWarsNewsNet has salvaged the images. Let’s take a look at Han Solo first, shall we?

 What really catches the eye (apart from the smuggler having plenty of pockets for various nefarious deeds) is that there’s no sign of Solo’s iconic vest. Other than that, he looks as suave as you’d come to expect. Not sure about the boots though.

As for the ships? There’s everything from pod-racing style speedsters, to large Imperial ships, to even a personal spaceship that looks like it just wants a hug. D’aww.

Are you a fan of Han’s new-ish (old) design? And what about those ships? Pretty nifty, eh? Let us know what you make of the concept art in the comments!

Image: Lucasfilm

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