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The Girl with all the Gifts is basically The Last Of Us the movie and it looks amazing

It might be in production hell but The Last Of Us movie really doesn't need to come out when we've got The Girl with all the Gifts. I wrote about the post apocalyptic book earlier this year due to its similarities to Joel and Ellie's adventure and now the movie adaptation is on the way, it looks like we're getting a serious dose of the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungi. 

The Girl with all the Gifts is the story of a young girl called Melanie who is infected with the virus but unlike the other 'hungries' isn't just a slavering human-eating monster. Along with a classroom of other infected children, Melanie is one of the key test subjects in a government facility but the focus is her relationship with her favourite teacher, Miss Justineau - played here by Gemma Arterton. 

Predictably, things don't go according to plan and the research facility is compromised, leaving a group of survivors who understandably don't want Melanie on side. Of all the performances here, Glenn Close as the ominous and driven Dr Caldwell should be really interesting. Think the anti-Joel and you're in the right place. 

Starring Sennia Nanua, Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close and Paddy Considine, The Girl with all the Gifts is directed by Colm McCarthy. It's out in cinemas September 23 this year. 

Image credit: Warner Bros

Louise Blain

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