The Fallout 76 map has been plotted out by fans and it's pretty convincing

An image illustration of a power-armored individual standing before the fanmade Fallout 76 map.

Fallout 76's map will be four times larger than Fallout 4, giving online players plenty of elbow room when the game comes out and a whole lot of real estate to speculate about right now. Fans have seized upon images of the official Fallout 76 commemorative map that comes with the collector's edition, as well as all of the little bits and pieces we've seen of Fallout 76 gameplay so far, to start filling in the details of West Virginia long before they can put their virtual boots on the still-radioactive earth.

You can see a larger version of the map on imgur if you prefer. The Fallout series has always taken place in roughly identifiable regions of the United States (all the way from visiting the L.A. Boneyard in the original Fallout to exploring downtown Boston in Fallout 4) which opens the door for a unique kind of geographical speculation. Fans have been busy comparing the Fallout 76 map to both its real-life source material and the in-game compass, using that information to pin down actual places like Morgantown and Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, as well as fictional landmarks like Vault-Tec University and the Nuka-Cola Quantum Plant.

I'm especially excited to visit abandoned tourist traps like Uncanny Caverns and the home of the Mothman (who really does have his own annual festival in Point Pleasant, WV). Fallout's penchant for parodying Americana is typically at its best in these kinds of corny roadside attractions. Also, there's a bear in the southeast corner. Maybe don't try to build a settlement there… or if you do, keep a close eye on your pic-a-nik baskets.

You won't have to wait quite until Fallout 76 arrives on November 10 to start exploring post-apocalyptic West Virginia for yourself. Bethesda is offering Fallout 76 beta test access in exchange for pre-orders, with Xbox One players getting a head start into the new wasteland.

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