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The Death Note Netflix trailer has arrived and fans aren't happy about it (except for Willem Dafoe, he's cool)

Netflix has shared the first trailer for its live-action film adaptation of Death Note, starring a dude with frosted tips as the main character and Willem Dafoe as his demon friend. The Death Note manga series already inspired an anime series as well as several Japanese-language live-action films, and the reaction from fans to its major American adaptation has been… well, see for yourself.

"Mixed" might be too generous

Some are volunteering their own ideas

At least we can agree on one "pro"

Death Note came and went during my "new anime is bad" period so I don't have much attachment to it (FYI, I'm currently back to "alright some new anime is ok") but it's a bummer to see so many fans aren't feeling it. Even if it's too late to address a bunch of the Netflix adaptation's potential problems, culturally speaking, hopefully it can still tell an interesting story.

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