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The best gifts for gamers

The best gifts for gamers
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So you're looking for the best gifts for gamers? No matter the time of year or occasion, we've got plenty for you to browse through today for the gamer in your life.

Top gaming gifts to consider don't just include games. You have a huge choice in the world of headsets, controllers, hard drives, SSDs, chargers, and merchandise. If you were thinking of going really big and gifting one of the new consoles, we have to warn you, they're generally incredibly hard to find right now. Be sure to check out our guides for the latest information on the latest PS5 restock updates and Xbox Series X restock updates. Even the older Nintendo Switch bundles are hard to find right now.

If you are buying a game for someone, it's best to check which games console they use (or are they a PC gamer?) so you get the right one for it. Don't forget to double-check with their family members too to avoid doubling up. Keep your receipt and the seal intact on the plastic wrapping though and you shouldn't have any problems returning the item for an exchange at most stores though (excluding digital keys for games/subscriptions). 

If you're not sure about games, or perhaps you want something a bit cheaper then merch is a good way to go with gamers spoiled for choice with clothing, mugs, toys, and more to choose from.

Hardware accessories like an extra controller (maybe a third-party one with some unique features), or perhaps a headset, are great picks to enhance the playing experience. If someone you know has picked up one of the brand-new consoles, you should hop on over to our dedicated best PS5 headsets and best Xbox Series X headset guide. Or if you really want to blow their socks off, we've done extensive research on our guide to the best TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X - these are fantastic picks for any console and of course watching TV generally too so it's a great idea for the whole home to enjoy.

The best gifts for gamers

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