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TalkRadar 61 - NERDS!

The Top 7… Evil Corporations– all those lovely companies that have taken so much from us while giving so little.

Nintendo: Banned in the USA- Nudity, Nazis and the podcast will contain some EXCLUSIVE Child Abuse!

Above: Look Ma, no Wife-Arm!

We’re giving away several copies of 300: The Complete Experience on Blu-ray

24 hour gaming marathon- Set your clocks for August 14th, bitches!

And... We’ll be there!

Above: Perhaps the best Lando ever, or at least the tallest

Above: If only they had meatball subs,they'd be perfect

Above: You can't see the cosplaying girl he's dragging by her hair

Above: It's Ambassador Blanka

It’s a busy week and we’re out of the office, so we’re going to toss up a bunch of randomness from our Official Fan Art and Watchmen Contest forum threads. Go ahead and credit yourselves in the comments belowd k, thanx.

Post date:
July 24, 2009
T-Dar 61 length: 1:29:20
Quote of the week: “I have bigger thighs!”
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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