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24 hour gaming marathon

Throw all personal commitments to the wind and get ready for 24 solid hours of gaming with the GR crew. We’re gonna kick it all off on Friday, August 14 at 5pm Pacific and play until Saturday, August 15 5pm Pacific. Follow along with our schedule below to get in on the action, or follow any of the GamesRadar team on Twitter as we slowly lose our minds to sleep deprivation.

The Schedule

5pm - 7pm: Halo 3 (360) / Killzone 2 (PS3)
Let’s kick the whole thing off with two of the most popular shooters on the market. Odds are you’re way better than us, so come kick our asses!

7pm - 8pm: CoD: World at War (360/PS3)
Let’s fill up Free-for-All or Zombie Nazi matches on both platforms. We’ll play a round, boot some players, then add new ones.

8pm - 10pm - Gears of War 2 (360)
Two grueling hours trying to claw our way to the end of Horde Mode. Saddle up with some GR eds and fire away. Versus too, perhaps.

10pm - 2am - Free-for-all, play whatever you like
Well, “whatever†must come from this list, but we’ll bounce around – Castle Crashers, Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty 4. Also, feel free to send us invites to your own games. If we have it on hand, we’ll play!

2am - 4am - Left 4 Dead (360)
Join two GR editors and plow through waves of zombie flesh in L4D’s campaign mode. We might switch to versus, but for the most part expect to go through the story.

4am - 6am – Battlefield 1943 (360/PS3) Killzone 2 (PS3)
Some straightforward shootin’ and killin’ as the sun comes up, in either 1943 or “vague future.â€

6am - 8am - GTA IV (360/PS3) Halo 3 (360)
Remember GTA’s multiplayer? It’s got all kinds of silly shit to do. Plus some more Halo 3 in case you missed it the first time around.

8am - 10am - Call of Duty 4 (360/PS3/PC)
Because we still love it.

10am - 12pm - Left 4 Dead (360)
A second chance to get into a campaign with a duo of ace GR sharpshooters.

12pm - 5pm - Free-for-all, play whatever you like
Send us invites, request in the comment thread below, or continue playing something from the above list.

@GamesRadar(the staff as a whole)

@Brelston(Brett Elston)

@Cantista(Chris Antista)

@Grinand(Charlie Barratt)

@PaulRyan3(Paul Ryan)

@tjcwilde(Tyler Wilde)

@lizziecuevas(Lizzie Cuevas)

@ButtercupGR(B Buttercup)