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TalkRadar 145 - Ward Back

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QOTW:What’s your least favorite launch game?
Hindsight may be 20-20 but most launch titles are 5s and 6s at best. What game did you pick up on day one only to have your heart broken? Let us know in the forums and your response could be read on TDar 146!

Timeless. Essential. These are the videogames we cherish, and would still recommend, above all others

The Madness is here to teach these punks a lesson

Going portable is a dangerous game

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In the office

Above: Deciding the Top 100 Games of All Time: Harder than you’d think

Above: One of these things is not like the other

In the community

Above: It really is, batman5273. It really, really is…

Above: Bobbety recreated our joke involving the worst portion of GameSpot’s Captain America walkthrough splendidly

Above: Sorry graboids, but Mikel’s tits look really gross

Above: Spybreak8 mocks a movie few remember using an online personality known by fewer

Above: Finally, the world gets to SEE a living version of Hank’s Corner. Thanks again, Bobbety

Above: We do too, therawski!

Above: Could Sensationo’s work be our first piece of fan art based specifically on Trailer Trash Theatre?!

Above: CheeseAntista’s pic is mad genius

Above: Batman5273 realizes our dream of a Ubisoft partnership with DJ Assualt!

Post date: April 1, 2011
T-Dar145 length: 2:54:46
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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