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Taken 2: Two new posters revealed


Taken 2 has unleashed two new posters (and a ton of new images) online.

Admittedly, the one sheet and the quad are basically variations on the same poster: Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mills steels himself for a ruck, with a smattering of images in the background reel letting you know what you're in for (scantily clad women, parkour, guns… the usual cinematic staples).

Check out the quad and one-sheet below (and click on them for hi-res versions):

As for the batch of new images, the focus is squarely on Neeson busting chops and taking names, save for the final shot, which sees him kicking back with a sundae in an ice-cream parlour (seriously, check it out).

As to whether this relaxing scene takes place before the carnage, or if Mills is treating himself afterwards to celebrate a mission accomplished, we can only speculate.

Check out the images below: