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"Sticks And Rope" Explored in Being Human Series Two

“Endlessly! The door and whatever lies beyond the door feature endlessly. In a pilot we alluded very briefly to something – it was just a kind of throwaway line, but something that everybody leapt on that really struck a chord – which was Annie's line about the ‘men with sticks and rope’. There was never really an opportunity to explore that further in series one, but it's something that we deal with quite a lot in series two.”

This will please fans who were discussing the meaning on the enigmatic line on internet forums for weeks after the pilot originally aired.

And while Toby is remaining tight-lipped about whether Nina has become a werewolf, we asked him, in theory only, if Nina became a werewolf, would that mean that – as with Russell Tovey – actress Sinead Keenan would have to spend large amounts of time in the buff?

"Ha ha ha! Um, yes, well… Let’s just say if Nina were to become a werewolf, then inevitably she would, er... well, seeing as we've had hours of Russell naked, it would only be fair if Nina were a werewolf... It’s sexual equality. It’s what they asked for!"

Being Human Series two starts airing in January on BBC3. It's eight episodes long, with Toby writing the first two and last two episodes.

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