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Star Wars Force Unleashed II - deep gameplay impressions: Boba Fett, clone Starkiller, stealing Vader’s tie

This somehow ends with Starkiller and Kota in freefall (hanging cities, remember?), but Starkiller is able to summon the Rogue Shadow, his ship from the first game. He breaks in, but to his disappointment, Juno Eclipse isn’t there.

Finally, Kota and Starkiller have a moment to talk. Kota explains that the Rebellion is scattered, and the Empire still very much in power (obviously). He casts doubt upon the idea that Starkiller is a clone – he’s far too strong to be a clone, Kota says, and nobody has yet successfully cloned a Jedi. Kota doesn’t tell Starkiller where Juno is, but he does let slip the name of one particular planet – Dagobah, where Blackman admits he will “have a fateful encounter.”

The Gameplay

Finally, it was time for the gameplay demo. This was the same Kamino level that we’ve seen before, but we saw more of it this time. For example, the wall Starkiller blasts through at the start of the level is actually a tower, so you begin the level in headfirst freefall, blasting tie fighters with lightning, dodging massive energy discharges, and pounding right through massive platforms.

Finally, he crashes through a glass dome and sets about shredding an entire army of stormtroopers. He’s dual-wielding two sabers (because, Blackman says, this is The Force Unleashed TWO. They’ll also be customizable as you find new crystals, including black crystals). He uses the new mind trick move on a stormtrooper, who promptly leaps through a huge plate glass window. Nice. Higher level enemies will apparently be converted to fight for you by this power. Even nicer.

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