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Star Wars: Episode VII to be shot on 35mm by Dan Mindel

Star Trek cinematographer Dan Mindel has signed on to lens Star Wars: Episode VII , and he's confirmed that he'll be shooting the saga on 35mm film.

The Bobba Fett Fan Club reported the announcement from an industry event in Los Angeles yesterday, where Mindel made an appearance.

Mindel's a long-time collaborator of J.J. Abrams, having worked with the director on Mission: Impossible III and both Star Trek films.

You can bet they're going to be coming up with a whole new look for their Star Wars collab, though, having arguably tired out the lens flares on their other projects.

The fact that they're shooting on 35mm film also indicates they're taking Star Wars back to its roots after George Lucas shot his prequels on shiny digital.

Should we expect a grittier, less sanitised Star Wars from Abrams? It's looking likely, and we couldn't be any happier about that.

Star Wars: Episode VII opens in 2015.