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Check out these photorealistic Star Wars Battlefront mod shots

Star Wars Battlefront already looks fantastic, a nearly photorealistic virtual recreation of a cinematic world, but nearly isn't good enough for modder Martin Bergman. Bergman, whose work you may have seen in the Toddyhancer mod for GTA 5, went to work on Battlefront with a similar goal in mind: confusingly convincing visuals.

I'm not sure what computer graphics wizardry is happening here, but it may be a violation of the laws of nature. That's probably why Bergman hasn't released these mods to the public yet - Toddyhancer might go rampant, making every video game look photorealistic as an equal and opposite reaction causes reality to drop down to Sega Saturn graphics.

He does plan to release the Battlefront mod eventually, but until he can figure out how to safely contain Toddyhancer, it's probably best just to admire it through the safety of a gallery.

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Connor Sheridan
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