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Stan Lees Lucky Man superhero series heads to Sky

Marvel legend Stan Lee, who created some of the comic institution’s most well-loved characters such as Iron Man and Spider-Man, has cooked up a new superhero called Lucky Man for a brand new Sky 1 TV series. Downton Abbey production house Carnival Films is joining forces with Lee’s own POW! Entertainment to deliver the 10-episode series. It’s poised to revolve around James Nesbitt’s detective, who has the power to control his own luck.

Check out the full synopsis below:

“Lucky Man is the story of DI Harry Clayton (James Nesbitt), a cop from Central London’s notorious Murder Squad, who is given a charm that seems to confer upon the wearer the ability to control luck.

“Harry is down on his luck; his wife (Eve Best) and child have left him due to his gambling habit, his boss thinks he’s in league with the devil and he has a huge debt to an infamous underworld crime boss who is threatening his life.

“A chance meeting with a mysterious woman who gives him an ancient bracelet changes everything... It appears to give Harry control over luck itself, but at what cost? What is luck anyway, and is one man’s luck always another’s misfortune? DI Harry Clayton is about to find out…”

Here’s what Lee himself had to say about his latest venture:

“Luck has always been a fascinating subject to me, and I am excited to finally share that fascination with audiences around the world. With all the creative projects I have worked on, I sure am a lucky man myself and I am excited to be working with Sky 1 and Carnival Films on this latest project”.

Set to be Lee’s first series invented exclusively for UK audiences, Lucky Man is expected to arrive on Sky 1 sometime in 2016. Eve Best, Sienna Guillory, Amara Karan, Darren Boyd, Omid Djalili, Jing Lusi and Kenneth Tsang co-star.

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