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The Sims 4 customization, emotions revealed in first trailer

In The Sims 4, virtual human beings will be like putty in your hands… even more than before. We're far beyond "Nose Length" sliders and chasing after moodlets, as this first gameplay trailer from Gamescom shows.

It looks like Maxis took a few lessons from Spore's creature creator for The Sims 4. No more fiddling with an absurdly long list of bars: just click and drag on the part you want to edit.

Even cooler than the upgraded character creation are emotions. Sims have always been moody creatures, but up until now they always fell somewhere on a spectrum between happy and upset. Emotions add a new dimension to sim interactions, and a new element to consider when decorating homes or pairing up would-be buddies.

The Sims 4 is coming to PC and Mac in 2014. Before you ask, it is single player and offline.

Connor Sheridan
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