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Sci-Fi And Fantasy Eggs For Easter


The classic sci-fi alien egg with a very special Kinder surprise inside.

Star Trek “Devil In The Dark”

“I’m a Doctor, not a pastry chef!” as McCoy might have said, when encountering these Horta eggs in classic Star Trek . (What he actually said was, “…not a bricklayer.”)


The eggs-tremely egg-citable Egghead saw his plans scrambled by Batman on many an occasion in the ’60s TV series. Vincent Price played yolky villain in a white and yellow suit, and not a shell suit, thankfully.

Chang Tzu

Sticking with DC, possibly the strangest villain ever in DC universe (and that’s saying something) was Chang Tzu (originally Egg Fu) who first appeared in Wonder Woman #157. He was a Chinese Communist agent with a scrambled brain and (before he had a shave for later appearances*) a moustache that he used to whip his enemies.

* Like that would improve his image?

The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad

Sinbad goes looking for a Roc egg and discovers that schmallenberg’s disease has spread from sheep…

Buffy The Vampire Slayer “Bad Eggs”

Buffy is given an egg to look after as a school project designed to educate the kids about responsibility. Only problem: someone’s replaced the class’s chickens’ eggs with Bezoar eggs, and Bezoar demons are into mind-control.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer “As You Were”

Sticking with Buffy, Riley briefly returned to Sunnydale in season six to track down a Suvolte demon, only to discover that Spike is trafficking its eggs. Not a brilliant line of business to be in when the eggs hatch.

Harry Potter

Dragons’ eggs appear in both The Philosopher’s Stone (in which Hagrid hatches one and sexes it incorrectly) and The Goblet Of Fire (in which Harry has to retrieve a golden egg in one of the tasks in the Triwizard Cup). Apparently Hungarian Horntails get very annoyed if you suggest, “Yo mama was a golden goose!”

Howard The Duck

Howard’s home planet was egg-shaped. Unlike the film, which went pear-shaped.

Mork And Mindy

Cracking spaceship, Mork.

Puss In Boots: Humpty Dumpty

The devious ovate villain of the Shrek spin-off appears to have done an eggy fart if that cat’s expression is anything to go by.

Doctor Who “The Green Death”

Amazing what you can find in a disused Welsh mine that’s being pumped full of dodgy effluent by a nearby chemical company. We don’t know what all the fuss is about – imagine the size of the fish you’d catch with that maggot.

Doctor Who “Creature From The Pit”

Apart from Mork, another race of aliens that travel through space in eggs are the Tythonians. Though since they “weave” them themselves they’re actually more like cocoons than eggs.

Doctor Who “The Twin Dilemma”

Is it just us, or do gastropod eggs looks suspiciously like suppositories for rhinos?

Doctor Who “Delta And The Bannermen”

Thank the Gods you weren’t born a female Chimeron. Though the babies look like little green Winston Churchills, they develop into beings that outwardly look perfectly human. Which means laying these studded eggs is gonna hurt like hell. It’d be like trying to shit a glitterball.

20 Million Miles To Earth

Remember fella, an Ymir is not just for Easter, it’s for life. Though your life may not be very long, to be honest, once it hatches…

Jurassic Park

This newborn gets a raptor-ous response, but we wouldn’t stick our fingers anywhere near it, even at that age.


Abe Sapien swims the sewers in search of Sammeal’s eggs. They’re real buggers these ones, because each time Hellboy kills one Sammael, two more hatch in its pace.

Game Of Thrones

Though everyone in Westeros believes that dragons died centuries before, Daenerys Targaryen was glad she kept these family heirlooms when they hatched into the cutest little drogonlettes ever.


The 8-bit computer gaming sensation Dizzy went tumbling often, but never cracked, which means by very definition, he must have been hard-boiled. Or an egg roll. (Insert your own puns here…)

Godzilla Versus Mothra

Okay, another case of “How did that lay that ?” Presumably flying is out of question when Mothra’s preggers (though, to be honest, she doesn’t look that aerodynamic in the film anyway)…

Dave Golder
Dave Golder

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