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Watch every San Diego Comic Con 2018 trailer - from Aquaman to Star Trek Discovery

The Orville

Wearing its genre stripes proudly, Seth McFarlane’s comedy that doesn’t involve satirical animations is an absolute blast that’s somehow not yet hit the mainstream. Hopefully things will change for The Orville in season 2, as its latest trailer hints at more sci-fi homage excellence to come. We’ll find out when it debuts December 30, 2018.

Legends of Tomorrow 

The CW has dropped the trailer for season 4 for Legends of Tomorrow, which looks to be picking up where season 3 left off. With the Legends having allowed for time to crumble, the boundaries and barriers between worlds weakened, letting a whole new glut of baddies into the fray - namely? The Fugitives. Sadly nothing to do with Harrison Ford, this is a catch-all term for creatures from myths and legends. 

The Man in the High Castle

It feels like an age since Amazon dropped its last season of The Man in the High Castle. Lucky for us, season 3 will land in its entirety on October 5, but until then this Comic Con teaser which dropped today ought to tide you over. Judging by what the cast had to say at the panel, it’s going to be a compelling season, as characters discover “the anomaly” a bridge between parallel universes. And that’s not all: they’ll be trying to access it, and, along the way meet other versions of themselves. Yes, you should start watching the earlier seasons now. 

The Tick

Also, not really a trailer is this exclusive set tour of Amazon Prime Original The Tick, BUT it does show us some things from the upcoming second season, which we haven't seen before, so it's worth taking a look. Notice at the end of the Comic Con sneak peek the offices of new character Tyrannosaurus Rathbone?


The first trailer for DC's live-action take on the Teen Titans (simply dubbed "Titans") is pretty... well, grim. It's certainly a far step from more kid-friendly previous incarnations such as the 2003 animated series or the still-running spin-off, Teen Titans GO! About the only thing that's colorful here is the language, as Robin growls "fuck Batman" after murdering a group of thugs.

Watch the Titans trailer in the UK here. 

Young Justice: Outsiders

As well as the first Titans trailer, DC also gave us an extended Comic Con trailer for the third season of the animated Young Justice: Outsiders, which you can check out above. It teases a new challenge for the superheroes as they once again band together to protect the Earth from a deadly threat. 

Mayans M.C.

Sons of Anarchy fans rejoice - the first trailer for spin-off series Mayans M.C. is here! As you can tell from the name, it focuses on another biker gang called the Mayans who were the sometimes rivals, sometimes partners of the Sons of Anarchy. The trailer teases everything we love about SoA and more, and with a Comic Con panel planned for Sunday, fans can expect more juicy details soon. 

Watch the Mayans M.C. trailer in the UK here. 

Stan Against Evil

Prepare for a return to the distinctly cursed town of Willard’s Mill, where you’re more likely to encounter a demon, zombie or vampire than another human! Season 3 is gearing up to drop later this year, and by the looks of its teaser trailer, we’re getting more horror comedy gold in that batch of eight episodes. 

Invader Zim

There's no date attached to Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, a TV movie continuation/possible conclusion to the cult classic Nickelodeon series, but if this trailer is anything to go by, expect lots of the same strange, gross humor that made it a hit. Now if only we could hear any of these beloved characters speak again...


The new Amazon Original series starring Julia Roberts, Homecoming is "mind-bending psychological thriller", which sees Roberts' caseworker try and help soldiers transition back into civilian life. It's Comic Con trailer is little more than a teaser for the new series, but it's enough to pique our interest. 

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