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Watch every San Diego Comic Con 2018 trailer - from Aquaman to Star Trek Discovery

Iron Fist

Despite Iron Fist season 1 getting... 'mixed' reviews, season 2 is well on its way and the first trailer has been released at Comic Con. It seems to be teasing a distinctly darker Danny Rand, which might imply that the show is heading in a different direction this time around, but either way Iron Fist will be back kicking ass soon. 

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul will soon return for its fourth season and fans of the original show will spot a reference to a character from the series in the Comic Con trailer above. Tony Dalton will play Lalo, a character referenced in season 2 of Breaking Bad, but unseen until now. 

Watch the Better Call Saul trailer in the UK here. 


Game of Thrones fans, get ready to fall in love with another George R. R. Martin TV show! Nightflyers - based on the author's other book - debuted its first trailer at SDCC and it teases an intense series, which appears to mix sci-fi and horror in a similar way to the original Alien movie. 

Watch the Nightflyers trailer in the UK here. 

Good Omens

Less of a trailer and more of a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the making of new Amazon Prime Original Good Omens, the above Comic Con teaser shows us just how much has gone into adapting the book of the same name by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. With the interviews with some of the cast, including David Tennant and Michael Sheen, it appears to be an incredible elaborate TV show. 


Here we get our first look at the new series from The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening. Disenchantment looks to be continuing Groening’s love of jet black comedy, this time set in a Medieval world where we meet Bean, a princess desperate to take control of her life, and Elfo, an elf eager for bigger and better things, and Luci, who’s a demonic sprite. All in all, it’s a promising tease for what could be your new favourite show, that’s set to debut on Netflix next month.

The Purge

We've just had the most recent Purge movie, but The Purge TV show is coming very soon as well and we got out first look thanks to the above Comic Con trailer. It seems to have captured the gory terror of the movie franchise, but time will tell if the series can maintain that level of fear over multiple episodes. 


If you’ve been keeping up with AMC’s other bonkers comic book adaptation, you’ll be excited to see the trailer for what remains of Preacher season 3. It appears to be continuing down its path of insanity, as the tale of Jesse Custer, a drunken, chain-smoking preacher, gets all the more irreverent when the Allfather makes an appearance. 

Watch the Preacher trailer in the UK here. 


Sometimes it can take a while for a comic book show to really pay homage to its roots. For fans of Arrow, one of those elements is coming to the small screen. Well, I say elements, when what I really mean is: Oliver Queen’s comic beard will at last make an appearance in Arrow season 7. Oliver’s stint in SuperMax will at last see the do-gooder don his iconic goatee… 


With the season 3 finale dropping somewhat of a big reveal, we’ve now got a glimpse at Supergirl season 4 in the first-look trailer that dropped during the show’s panel. And, while a majority of the footage is recycled from old seasons, we get a look at Kara wearing a new armored suit toward the end. 

The Flash

The Flash is about to get every weirder than usual as the Comic Con trailer for the new season reveals how Barry and Iris' handle their daughter's arrival from the future. It also give us a sneak peek at the upcoming season's new big bad, Cicada and he does not look like someone to mess with. 

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