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Sam Mendes talks Skyfall's Bond legacy

Skyfall fronts the latest issue of Total Film magazine , with Daniel Craig’s James Bond striking a pose on the cover.

Inside, Craig and director Sam Mendes explain how they’re marrying 007’s modern-day grit with old-school wit. The new issue’s out now (and you can get it for only £1.99 on your iPad) , but you can read an exclusive excerpt below.

When we spoke to Mendes about taking on a film with such a revered legacy and devoted fanbase, he explained: “There are definite echoes of other Bond movies - the Aston Martin DB5, the return of Q - and there are some that only the hardcore geeks will get! I hope they want to go on this adventure.”

On his own relationship with Bond movies, he added: “I wanted to make a great Bond movie… A great movie, full stop. I wanted to go back in tone, back to Ian Fleming. I didn’t want to make a movie in reaction to the last two movies. I wanted to make what I want to see when I see a Bond movie.”

For more on from Mendes, Craig et al on Skyfall , get the latest issue of Total Film magazine, or pick up the interactive iPad edition for just £1.99!

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