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Ryan Gosling talks about Thai boxing film Only God Forgives


Ryan Gosling has shed light on his role in Bangkok-set boxing flick Only God Forgives in a chat with The Hollywood Reporter .

The film sees him reunited with Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn. At the Hua Hin International Film Festival, Gosling called Bangkok: "Incredible… Ever since I came here I've been dreaming about making a film in Bangkok."

He also spoke about his training routine in preparation for the Muay Thai boxing scenes in the film: "It's sparring basically. They don't really use weights. Nicolas is doing it as well."

Gosling also commented on two recent snubs he's been at the centre of: the 2012 Oscar nominations and People Magazine 's Sexiest Man Alive poll.

On the former, the actor was asked if he was felt snubbed by the Academy, and he responded with a definitive "No."

Whereas, regarding the Sexiest Man Alive title, he responded with his trademark wit: "I voted for Bradley [ Cooper ] and I'm glad he won."

Only God Forgives is expected to open later this year.