Resistance opening video

There are advantages to having an office close to Sony's US corporate headquarters. For example, sometimes they come by, let you take pictures of a final-model PS3, and then hand you a controller and tell you it's okay to film Resistance: Fall of Man - otherwise known as the hottest-looking launch title since Halo.

For some reason, Sony said no to direct feed but yes to an HD camera on a tripod pointed at the screen, so the video really doesn't convey how very pretty this game is. However, considering that this clip, which is the first thing you see upon powering up the game, had us quaking in our seats, we thought you might like a look as well. Click the Movies tab above and look for "Resistance: Fall of Man - Attract." And watch out for our friend Squidward (below) among all the explosions of blood and shrapnel.

October 5, 2006