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Resident Evil 8 promotional art gives fans a glimpse at possible new villain

Resident Evil 8 Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

A Resident Evil 8 fan has shared a Japanese poster for the game which features a new character previously unseen in the game’s promotional material. 

The poster, which features other in-game characters Ethan Winters, Chris Redfield, and Ethan’s daughter Rosemary, also debuts a new mysterious character who is mostly hidden by a mask. 

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This character’s true identity and what their role is in Resident Evil 8 is still unknown, but some fan theories suggest they could a new villain - and may even be connected to the game’s now-iconic villain Lady Dimitrescu. One person replied to the tweet that shared the poster with the suggestion that this could be the unrevealed Mother Miranda - who has so far only received a mention and hasn't been properly unveiled. 

Speaking of Lady Dimitrescu, this poster is just a tiny part of the marketing campaign for the game. Capcom previously used life-sized 9'6"  cardboard cutouts of the character in Hong Kong retailers to promote the upcoming title. 

Of course, until we can finally get our hands on Resident Evil 8, this is all speculation. This could even be a brand new character that hasn’t been mentioned before, or could just be Lady Dimitrescu or one of her daughters in a fancy get-up. Considering that Resident Evil 8 is “much larger than what players experienced in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” who knows what surprises are in store for fans on May 7. 

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