The Resident Evil vampire lady may have told us what's going on in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil vampire lady
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There's a lot of questions around the tall Resident Evil Village vampire, Lady Dimitrescu but at least we know her height now: 2.9m or nine foot 6 in hat and heels. So tall then. Even before her impressive tallness was revealed by Capcom, she was the clear breakout star of Resident Evil Village. Given the amount of fan art and general excitement it's obvious that she's not going anywhere anytime soon. 

However, while most of the attention is focused on her for her looks, many might have overlooked just how much she's telling us about what's going on in the game.  In her brief appearance during the last the Resident Evil Village reveal she appeared seated (so... only six foot ish?) making a phone call to a mysterious Mother Miranda. While we only got a half the conversation in the brief exchange Lady Dimitrescu actually seems to give quite a lot of information away if you actually stop to listen to what she's saying. So let's take a look at the phone call, what she said, and what we can work out about what's going on as a result.  

Who is the tall Resident Evil Vampire lady in Resident Evil Village? 

Resident Evil 8 Tall vampire lady

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The tall Resident Evil Vampire lady only appears briefly during the reveal, but we now know she's called Lady Dimitrescu. Her brief phone call to someone called Mother Miranda actually gives away a lot of information on what we can expect in the game.

This is what she says in full: 

"Mother Miranda, I regret to inform you that Ethan Winters has escaped that fool Heisenberg. ...because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters to handle. When I find him... No... Yes, of course. I understand the importance of the ceremony."

There's actually quite a lot to unpack there, so let's break this down piece by piece and see what it might mean. 

Who is Mother Miranda?

Resident Evil 8

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Clearly, Vampire Lady isn't the big bad in Resident Evil Village if Lady Dimitrescu is reporting to someone and apologizing for letting the hero Ethan Winters escape. That means there's a larger villain to confront in the game. Given how Resident Evil games usually work, that probably means someone more powerful and probably a lot more monstrous. 

The tall lady has a brother

Resident Evil 8

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In a different part of the reveal, the Vampire Lady meets Ethan for the first time and says "you escaped my little brother's idiot games did you?" This is likely the same person she mentions in the phone call when she says Ethan has "escaped that fool Heisenberg" (potentially the person in the image above). This probably means that the Lady Dimitrescu will be a second act appearance, with the brother being the first person you have to deal with. 

The Vampire Lady might not entirely know what's going on

Resident Evil Village

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At one point in the phone call, Lady Dimitrescu is interrupted and remarks "because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters". Given that she's just told Mother Miranda Ethan has escaped, it sounds a lot like she's answering a question along the lines of 'how do you know he's escaped?' It suggests Vampire Lady maybe wasn't meant to deal with, or meet Ethan (yet, at least) if she's having to prove she knows he's escaped. A press shot for the game (above) has also revealed there are four houses, of which Lady Dimitrescu is only one: House Dimitrescu, House Heisenberg, House Moreau and House Beneviento. Mother Miranda is likely the character that rules over all of them.

The Lady having 'daughters' suggests she's definitely going to turn into a monster at some point

Resident Evil 8

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Let's recap that previous line again: "Because he is in my castle and has already proven too much for my daughters." The "daughters" have to be the three women who can turn into clouds of insects. This is Resi, so it's very unlikely that the tall lady means the women are her children in a maternal sense. Whatever weird 'turn into flies' abilities the smaller ladies have must have come from Vampy. The Maiden demo has confirmed she's got some interesting abilities thanks to her growing giant sword finger blades during her brief appearance. The demo also makes it clear that the inhabitant of the castle seem to be consuming the local population, apparently by sealing them in barrels to make a literal blood wine. Given that the long, floor-length dress is clearly hiding something, I'm going to haphazard a guess those aren't normal legs under there. Giant insect limbs maybe? 

Resident evil 7

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Given the flies recall Marguerite's abilities from Resident Evil 7, some connection there could be a strong candidate. There are other options though. Like the fly limbed C-virus infected J'avo Noga-Trchanje variant from Resident Evil 6. Or the Novistador, created from the Las Plagas in Resident Evil 4. The T-Virus-derived Drain Deimos are less likely, being basically giant mutated fleas. 

What is the ceremony? 

Resident evil village

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During her call, the Vampire Lady says she understands the "importance of the ceremony". There's no way of knowing what the ceremony is about at this point but there are two things that might have something to do with it. Firstly the image above. 

This was revealed when Resident Evil Village was first announced and Capcom seemed to think it gave too much away, hence the mention in the image about how "we debated whether or not to actually put it in the announcement trailer". It doesn't really seem to show much, apart from some sort of desiccated fetus in a bird's nest. The image also appears repeatedly in different parts of the previous reveal trailers suggesting it's vital to something in the game. 

Now. We know that Ethan is trying to get his daughter back and that he's trying to get to the castle to do that. We also know that the daughter's mother, Mia, was controlled and infected by the E-Type bioweapon mold and Eveline from Resident Evil 7. It's also highly likely that Ethan was infected too, given that his hand was chainsawed clean off and then apparently healed perfectly after being stapled back on. That means it's incredibly likely that their baby was born from at least one, if not two, mold infected parents, meaning she's some sort of naturally born human-mold hybrid.

Resident Evil 7

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Now getting back to the baby/bird nest thing. Nests are where things grow and nurture their young and we also know there's a character called Mother Miranda. Might she be the literal mother of the various creatures in Village, and after the pure born molded daughter of Ethan and Mia to raise into something powerful? Given that Ethan getting his daughter back is the whole 'point' of the game it's likely that the ceremony is something to do with the baby.

How that might fit Chris Redfield apparently taking the baby at the start of the Resident Evil showcase isn't clear but given that the whole point of the E-Type bioweapon is mind control, it's possible he's not acting of his own free will.

And one last thing I'm just going to throw out: given advanced aging was a part of the E-Type bioweapon's 'thing' - Eveline aged from a 10-year-old girl to an 80-year-old woman in months - I'm laying some pretend money on the Maiden in the free demo being Ethan's daughter. 

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