Capcom reveals the Resident Evil vampire lady's official height

Resident Evil 8 Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom has confirmed Lady Dimitrescu, aka tall vampire lady, from Resident Evil Village to be 9'6" in height.

In a tweet, Resident Evil Village art director Tomonori Takano said Capcom wasn't expecting the Resident Evil vampire lady and her daughters to become so popular. Everyone's talking about Lady Dimitrescu; about her height, her piercing yellow eyes, and her... well, more seductive qualities. But now Capcom has put the discussion around the character's height to rest, and holy hell, "tall" is a severe understatement.

"Most recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a fair amount of attention, far more than we anticipated. It's great that they're able to take the spotlight as icons Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu, especially, has received much fanfare both domestically and overseas, which has made all of us in the development team extremely happy," Takano wrote.

At nearly 10 feet tall, she'll be ducking under door frames like Mr. X from the Resident Evil 2 remake. Hell, Mr. X looks like he can almost fit through the average 7ft doorway, meaning Lady Dimitrescu likely towers above him.

There's no telling if Capcom decided on the character's height based on any concrete calculation, or if it simply needed a number to settle the debate, but the studio did confirm that Lady Dimitrescu measures 9'6" with her hat and high heels, making her true height more like 9-foot flat. Still, that is outrageously tall, even for Resident Evil lore.

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