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Real Steel trailer online

Real Steel

Hugh Jackman’s machine smash-up Real Steel has finally gotten a trailer, and it’s just busted online.

A futuristic sports movie, Steel follows Jackman’s washed-up fighter, who’s living in a time when robots are the ones who now get in the ring.

“Times have changed,” rumbles Jackman, “fighting has changed, but the crowd – they never change.” He spies a second chance at the ring in a fixer-upper 'bot that he and his estranged son decide to enter into the championships.

Watch the trailer below…

It’s almost impossible not to watch the footage on display here and not feel that it’s something of a Transformers spin-off, with Autobots and Decepticons now fighting it out in a boxing ring instead of a scenic city.

The CGI is also a little off, with computer generated shots easily distinguishable from those involving real mechanical robots. That could just be early footage, it could not.

Jackman seems to be having a ball, though, which has to count for something, and the fights looks suitably muscular.

Real Steel opens 7 October, 2011.