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Rare will reportedly announce a new IP this week

(Image credit: Rare)

Rare will announce a new IP at X019 this week, according to games industry analyst and reputable tipster Daniel Ahmad. Ahmad added that Obsidian, a studio still white-hot after the recent release of The Outer Worlds, will bring a new IP of its own to Microsoft's show, which will also reportedly feature new Game Pass details and a raft of 2020 release dates. 

Rare's latest game, a remake of Battletoads, was prominently featured at Microsoft's E3 2019 presser, and Sea of Thieves is still a major player for Xbox Live and Game Pass. Beyond that, Rare has been an especially key studio for Microsoft in the current and previous console generations, from its raft of Kinect games to Viva Pinata to the Rare Replay collection. It wouldn't be surprising to see Rare make an appearance at X019, but if Ahmad's right, the studio's upcoming announcement will be something totally unexpected. 

We're talking about an all-new IP, so there's really no telling what Rare has in store. Likewise, it's unclear how this mystery game will fit into Microsoft's release schedule. We're starting to see PS5 and Xbox Series X projects crop up, and it's possible Rare will announce something for Microsoft's next-gen platform. 

That said, this could also be one for 2020 to round out Xbox One's lineup. Microsoft has spent a lot of time and money beefing up its Xbox Game Studios roster, especially in the past two years, and Ahmad reports that "even with next gen around the corner, XGS have approx half a dozen titles scheduled to ship in 2020, prior to the Scarlett launch." We'll know when X019 kicks off on Thursday, November 14.

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