PS3 launch details at midnight

Wednesday 24 January 2007
Sony will finally confirm the official launch details for PlayStation 3 in Europe at midnight tonight, putting to rest months and months of tiresome speculation and misinformation.

That's according to, a self-proclaimed 'semi-official' blog site that enjoys close ties with Sony, which urges readers to "check back on Three Speech at midnight, when we'll be running all available info on the launch details of the PS3 in UK/Europe". As we've mentioned before, we expect the verdict to be a 23 March launch date, with a £425 price tag.

That's midnight UK time, for your info. Perhaps Sony will also reveal why exactly it was necessary to schedule a European info burst for a time when most Europeans will be tucked up in bed, dreaming of a £100 PS3 price tag. Not that we're bitter or anything. We'll have all the updates for you tomorrow morning.