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Prototype 2 tank trailer brings the heat

Prototype 2 will grant James Heller the ability to scale buildings, uppercut helicopters, sprout tentacles on demand, and go toe-to-toe with monsters the size of a small city block. Surely, the good Sergeant doesn't need a tank to swing the odds in his favor, but then again even superhuman murderers need to take a rest now and then. Watch what happens when Heller trades bio-bombs for heavily artillery in Activision and Radical Entertainment's new gameplay trailer:

Activision's marketing campaign for Prototype 2 is reminiscent of THQ's strategy for Saints Row: The Third, in that Radical Entertainment's open-world antics get crazier and more absurd with each passing video (for further proof, read: Prototype 2 trailer reveals 11 ways to kill like a champ). At this pace, we'll be watching trailers of Heller surfing jet fighters and harassing mutants with giant, purple dildos by next week (see: Saints Row: The Third boasts 2 million beaten to death with giant purple sex toy). Actually, that does sound pretty awesome.

Prototype 2 is on schedule to roll in for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on April 24 in North America, and April 27 in the UK.