Prototype 2 trailer reveals 11 ways to kill like a champ

Activision has a posted video highlighting 11 reasons why you should play Prototype 2. Granted, all of the reasons have something to do with creatively slaughtering the game's enemies, but we assume “11 reasons why this game is not suitable for children” didn't make it past Activision's PR.

Our favorite? “Make Juggernaut Jelly”. Choose yours from the video below:

One thing's for sure, Sergeant James Heller is no slack when it comes to tearing through the humans and monsters that stand between him and the shady organization behind the Blacklight virus. As GR pointed out in its latest preview - Prototype 2’s hypocritical protagonist almost gets in the way of our bloody, murderous fun - Heller's disregard for human life puts his character in the same league as Alex Mercer, the infected star of the original Protoype, and Heller's initial target. Which is fine, really, because Prototype 2 isn't really about playing the ultimate good guy.

Prototype 2 glides in on a stream of tentacles for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on April 24 in North America, and April 27 in the UK.

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