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Primeval Star Promises Shocking New Storylines For Season Four

In an interview with Andrew Lee Potts, who plays Connor in Primeval, promises shocking new storylines for the show when it returns in 2011, following its reprieve from cancellation.

“It's great coming back to play him,” he says. “And then, also, I get to work with my fiancée, Hannah Spearritt. When it was canceled, it was such a shame because we enjoyed working with each other so much and we thought, "We might never do that again." That made us sad. But, we're going to be able to do that again. And, we actually went out for dinner with all the producers the other day, and the storylines they've got and the stuff that's going to happen this time is going to be really good. It's very shocking as well.

Speaking about the show's unexpected return he adds: “I just had a feeling that it wasn't gone because it only disappeared due to money problems at ITV. It was just a matter of timing. It wasn't ever the fact that they didn't want to make the show, and I knew that when it got canceled. And, I knew the guys at Impossible Pictures, who actually make the show, just wouldn't let it die. They had so much passion for it and they were so proud of it. And, America bought the rights to the film.

“The flag was flying quite high, so it was just a shame for it to go out that way, especially with unfinished storylines because we thought we were going again. So, I had a bit of a gut feeling that I suppose was a gut hope, really. I didn't feel like I'd finished playing Connor Temple and, thankfully, I haven't. So, I'm really, really pleased. We'll be shooting that in Dublin and we'll be starting it in March of next year. That's all very exciting. We'll be doing 13 episode about prehistoric dinosaurs.”

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